How can I avoid the "orange peel" effect on my clear coat?

Paint the Clear Coat with the first coat a normal thin closed equal coat this way you will have less orange peel which you would have to equal out with the second coat, then you will have added too much product.

Storage of clear in Winter?

Don’t leave your Clear Coat in winter on the ground.

Which Hardener shall I use?

Always use the suggested by producer Hardener and Thinner.

What nozzle do you recommend for a good finish?

Recommended nozzle for a good finish 1.2mm with TEIIO.

How to mix putty?

Mixing putty, don’t mix your putty to fast you will create holes inside, it will react like cream.

What setting do I need to sand filler?

Sanding filler with 2.5-3.0 mm orbital, P400-P600 use no water.

Drying in the oven, what shall I pay attention to?

Have the correct airflow when drying in the oven, Always have clean floor and roof filters for a good and equal circulation in the spray booth.

What is the best application temperature for Clear?

Best product temperature for Clear 17-19 degrees.

How much thinner in clear coat?

Don’t add too much Thinner.

What tip can you give me when drying with forced air?

Always when forced drying the Clear Coat use the complete time and heat which is recommended.

How to avoid mapping?

To avoid mapping with filler whilst applying, applicate a thin open coat. It only takes a couple of seconds to dry, then you can applicate a full coat.

How much hardener do I have to use with polyester putty?

11.2-3% hardener small tip.

What can I use to reach difficult areas when sanding?

For corners, edges, and hard to reach areas use our Double Cut green, fast cutting and matting.

Correct use of Silicone remover?

For a good clean surface take off the Silicone remover with a Microcloth (Top the best).